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Viejas Casino BBQ October 17, 2009

Woke up this morning and what a great day! Beautiful… sunny, warm and beggin for a ride!

But first things first… Ohio State vs Purdue…. 9:00am game… so, I moved to my couch and prepared for college football madness… madness is an understatement… I love my team but REALLY???? losing to Purdue??? Hey Pryor your team wears WHITE!!! Stop throwin to the other guys.  Anyhoo… back to my ride.

Viejas Sign

Viejas Sign

Today out at Viejas Casino is their 5th annual “BBQ off”… think chili cook off only bbq.

Not only that but GREAT bands… Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women, the Texas Tornadoes and Los Lobos… for free… yep… I said for free. And if that weren’t enough great music but The Farmers back over in El Cajon!!!

So, I called a friend and we went in on a hotel room cuz drivin home liqoured up is not such a good idea… especially if on two wheels.

My friend had to work all day, so we planned to meet up at the casino.

Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women

Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women



I took off and arrived at the casino ten minutes before Dave Alvin started. Dave Alvin has been around forever… most notably in the band the Blasters with his brother Phil. He’s also participated in one of Country Dick Montana’s best ideas (I think) … the Pleasure Barons with CDick and Mojo Nixon. Let’s not forget his time with X and The Knitters! I haven’t seen him with the Guilty Women but they are AWESOME!!!

I went into the casino after the show and stood in line for the casino membership cards. As I was in line my friend showed up. We signed up for our cards and then went back over to the stage to watch the Texas Tornadoes. They were pretty darn good! I had forgotten some of the songs they sang.

We decided to grab something to eat before Los Lobos, so we went back into the casino. The buffet line was insanely long. We walked around the food court but nothing really jumped out at us. We ended up in the cafe. The food wasn’t bad and our server was hilarious.

Los Lobos

Los Lobos

Finally. Los Lobos time. We were about five people back from the front of the stage right in front of the sax player. These guys sure know how to keep rockin! They were soooo good! My heart was beating to the bass drum.

We had a great laugh throughout the show. One of the band member’s kids was over in the corner off to the side of the stage. He was having so much fun in his own little world just dancing away and making comical faces.

We took off a bit early to avoid traffic and went to see The Farmers. As usual they freakin rocked! (And yes I still shamelessly love them… check my blog post about them on 6/18/09.) The bar was small, it was packed full of people and Captain Jack Sparrow was there!

Great day and night despite my team’s loss…. tomorrow… Sunrise Highway and Lake Cuyamaca.


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