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Fernweh October 2, 2010

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Last night I was on the phone with a friend comparing travel stories. We came to the conclusion that we both like to travel… ok… not just like… it is in our blood… our “make up” … our very being.

This got me to thinking of words or phrases to describe this need:

rolling stone a restless or wandering person

wanderlust a very strong desire or impulse to wander / travel / explore the world

wanderer person who follows the impulse to wander / travel / explore the world

roamer someone who leads a wandering unsettled life

nomad a person who continually moves from place to place

itchy feet great desire to travel and roam about

traveler a person who changes location

Fernweh n. “an ache for distance” (German)

gypsy somebody who has a nomadic or unconventional lifestyle

zigana a female gypsy (Hungarian) …also (as a name) Ziganah, Zigane, Zygana or Zyganah

gitana a female gypsy (Spanish)

Tsi qui si gypsy (Cherokee)

Have you got any to add to the list?