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Pioneertown, CA October 25, 2010

Saloon, Bank and Barbershop

Back in March 2009, one of my great friends was about to celebrate his birthday. I knew this because he sent a party invitation via Facebook asking his friends to join him at the Rim Rock Ranch in Pioneertown (Yucca Valley) for the weekend.  I did some “googling” and read up on Pioneertown and it sounded both fun and like a great ride. So, I told him I would come up on my bike.

Pioneertown is four miles from Yucca Valley which is very close to 29 Palms and north of Palm Springs. I “mapquested” the route. About 120 miles… 2-3 hours. This would be an easy ride and it was somewhere new!

I took the 15 to the 79 to the 10 to the 62 toward 29 Palms. BE CAREFUL on this road (62). The wind is gnarly! I have been on this road many times and sometimes I felt like I was riding sideways! Once on the 62 it is only about 25 miles to Pioneertown Road… turn left and about 5 miles, some Joshua Trees, boulders and rock formations later I pass one of the best honky tonks around…. Pappy and Harriet’s Palace. Another 5 miles and I arrived at the Rim Rock Ranch.

The Wagon Wheel Saloon

There were about ten of us hanging out at the ranch. It was a great place!  I won’t go into the details of the birthday party but we rocked the high desert!

Somehow, I managed to miss Pioneertown itself on that trip. When I look back, I have no idea how this happened! I just rode right on by it. So, when I heard my favorite band The Farmers were playing at Pappy’s, I had to go! Once again, I loaded my bike for camping and met the band at Pappy’s on Saturday. I brought some friends with me this time. They stayed in the Pioneertown Hotel and I pitched my tent out back.

Pioneertown Bowl

Let me tell you about Pioneertown. Pi-Town started as a living motion picture movie set in the old west style. From what I understand it was built in the 1940s sometime. The concept was the actors would live in the set while they were filming. If you have seen Judge Roy Bean, Annie Oakley or The Cisco Kid, you have seen Pioneertown. Roy Rogers, Barbara Billingsley and Gene Autry were a few of the actors you could find on set. Also, to be found is the Pioneertown Bowling Alley. Gene Autry would tape his show there and he rolled the first ball in the late 1940s. Check out the murals!

During the summer months, old west re-enactments take place on Saturday right on Mane Street. Also, behind Pi-Town, there are corrals that can be rented for your horse(s).

(The hotel is under new management and no longer allows tent camping, but the owner of the corrals does. There is a giant fire ring and it has plenty of room by the fence to set up.)

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Pappy and Harriets, Pioneertown, CA October 26, 2009

So this past weekend, my favorite band ~ The Farmers ~ were playing in Pioneertown, CA.

I called some friends of mine and we rode out ther for the gig. The band played at Pappy & Harriet’s … which … quite frankly is one of the coolest bars I have had the pleasure of hanging out in!

Pappy’s is indoor/outdoor, bike, horse, car and whatever else brung ya friendly. The staff are super fun and the drinks strong. I highly suggest a visit if you are out there.


There is a hotel 500 yards from the bar… it is reportedly haunted… my friend got a picture! She stayed in room 3… or you can stay a few miles down the road at Rimrock Ranch … see my previous posts.

You can park your RV for the night.

You can even rent a corral for your horses for the duration of the your stay.  A late nite or early morning ride would be awesome!




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Viejas Casino BBQ October 17, 2009

Woke up this morning and what a great day! Beautiful… sunny, warm and beggin for a ride!

But first things first… Ohio State vs Purdue…. 9:00am game… so, I moved to my couch and prepared for college football madness… madness is an understatement… I love my team but REALLY???? losing to Purdue??? Hey Pryor your team wears WHITE!!! Stop throwin to the other guys.  Anyhoo… back to my ride.

Viejas Sign

Viejas Sign

Today out at Viejas Casino is their 5th annual “BBQ off”… think chili cook off only bbq.

Not only that but GREAT bands… Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women, the Texas Tornadoes and Los Lobos… for free… yep… I said for free. And if that weren’t enough great music but The Farmers back over in El Cajon!!!

So, I called a friend and we went in on a hotel room cuz drivin home liqoured up is not such a good idea… especially if on two wheels.

My friend had to work all day, so we planned to meet up at the casino.

Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women

Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women



I took off and arrived at the casino ten minutes before Dave Alvin started. Dave Alvin has been around forever… most notably in the band the Blasters with his brother Phil. He’s also participated in one of Country Dick Montana’s best ideas (I think) … the Pleasure Barons with CDick and Mojo Nixon. Let’s not forget his time with X and The Knitters! I haven’t seen him with the Guilty Women but they are AWESOME!!!

I went into the casino after the show and stood in line for the casino membership cards. As I was in line my friend showed up. We signed up for our cards and then went back over to the stage to watch the Texas Tornadoes. They were pretty darn good! I had forgotten some of the songs they sang.

We decided to grab something to eat before Los Lobos, so we went back into the casino. The buffet line was insanely long. We walked around the food court but nothing really jumped out at us. We ended up in the cafe. The food wasn’t bad and our server was hilarious.

Los Lobos

Los Lobos

Finally. Los Lobos time. We were about five people back from the front of the stage right in front of the sax player. These guys sure know how to keep rockin! They were soooo good! My heart was beating to the bass drum.

We had a great laugh throughout the show. One of the band member’s kids was over in the corner off to the side of the stage. He was having so much fun in his own little world just dancing away and making comical faces.

We took off a bit early to avoid traffic and went to see The Farmers. As usual they freakin rocked! (And yes I still shamelessly love them… check my blog post about them on 6/18/09.) The bar was small, it was packed full of people and Captain Jack Sparrow was there!

Great day and night despite my team’s loss…. tomorrow… Sunrise Highway and Lake Cuyamaca.


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The Farmers ~ Fulmination June 18, 2009

cd cover... The Farmers... Fulmination

cd cover... The Farmers... Fulmination


Anyone who knows me… knows… I shamelessly LUV The Farmers. They are my favorite band ever (the band formerly known as the Beat Farmers). I have been the shameless fan that I am since the early 90s… if you include the time some of the band members spent in The Penetrators… since high school.

I have travelled with them and to see them. I have attended weddings and funerals with them. Lord knows I have drank copious amounts of alcohol with them. I have even been a back up kazoo player! I am super honored to count them among my friends.

They are releasing a new CD this week… FULMINATION… hooray!!!




Happy Boy Video  (from a private party in Cabo San Lucas)

East County Woman Video  (from the Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA):

Below is an article about them and the new cd….

And as Country Dick used to say…. Pay Up Cheaters! …. buy the cd (or any of the Beat Farmer cds) and enjoy!


THE FARMERS: Free gig tonight at Casbah

Listening to new albums while eating breakfast can sometimes be risky, as I discovered with “Fulmination,” the new, dozen-song release by San Diego roots-rock pioneers The Farmers (formerly the Beat Farmers).

Barely 40 seconds into the Mariachi-tinged “Mexicali Nights,” a very deep-voiced man began a recitation that nearly caused me to choke on my bowl of Organic Hemp Plus Granola. The same voice is readily audible on “East County Woman,” “The Invaders” and the rip-roaring garage-rock classic-to-be “Aw Man, C’mon!”

Could this be the ghost of Country Dick Montana, the Beat Farmers’ legendary leader and founder, who died in 1995 while performing on stage in Whistler, Canada? Or, perhaps, some archival recording that had been deftly spliced into this new Farmers’ song by top San Diego album producer Sven-Erik Seaholm?

A call to Farmers’ bassist Chris Sullivan set me straight, although only after part of my breakfast had become lodged somewhere between my throat and my nasal passages.

“It’s (new Farmers’ singer) Corbin Turner,” Sullivan told me. “He doesn’t try to do Country Dick, but at times you hear Country Dick channel through him. When that happens, Jerry (Raney, singer-guitarist) and I look at each other, and go `Wow.’ It’s kind of spooky.”

The enormous void left by Country Dick, who launched the Beat Farmers here in 1983, is unlikely to ever be filled by any man or mutant. Nor, for that matter, are the voids left by guitarist-singer Buddy Blue (who passed away three years ago) and bassist Rolle Love, who left the band in the aftermath of the Farmers’ 2005 album, “Loaded.” (Drummer Joel Kmak, Country Dick’s replacement, is still on board.)

That leaves the very able Raney in the driver’s seat of this perpetually earthy musical vehicle, which still sounds revved up and ready to go. One of the most engaging albums by any San Diego band in recent years, “Fulmination” benefits from Seaholm’s sharp, no-nonsense production and the revamped quartet’s ability to salute and extend the musical traditions established by Montana and the band’s original lineup more than 25 years ago.

The Farmers perform a free CD release show tonight 6/18/09 at the Casbah, with special guest Murrugun the Mystic. Here’s betting the band will have no problem fulminating, in the best possible way, from start to finish.

Link to the article as it appears on SignOnSanDiego:


Bakersfield & Fishlips May 22, 2009

For my 1st stop, I decided on Bakersfield. Four hours riding and part of it during holiday rush hour LA traffic would be about all I could handle and I couldn’t take all day off from work.

I admit ~ I know nothing about Bakersfield except for country music, Buck Owens and The Crystal Palace. Which are all good things!

I have a friend who is in the business of delivering some of the finest old school real country music. Figuring, he’s had to have played in Bakersfield, I emailed him asking for some tips. He suggested a bar called Fishlips. Fishlips… really? I thought for sure he’d send me to the Crystal Palace… Nope… Fishlips.    Ok then… I googled Fishlips to see who’s playin Friday nite and get their address.

The Beat Farmer Sandwich

The Beat Farmer Sandwich

I also checked out the menu, I knew I’d arrive late I thought I’d eat there too. Whoa!! What’s this? A sandwich named after my favorite band EVER…The Beat Farmers! Fried egg, bacon, cheese on a hoagie.  Breakfast at nite wasn’t in my plan BUT I knew I goin to Fishlips was. And go I did!

The band was pretty good. They were called Backup Johnny. They played original songs and covered some old 80s tunes. The clientele that nite leaned to the much younger than me with tattoos. (Not the shitkickers I expected from Bakersfield in a bar suggested by a country singer!!)

I cozied up to my friend Captain Morgan, enjoyed my dinner and did some people watching. The staff were super nice and attentive… the sound guy gave me his card to pass onto The Beat Farmers (now The Farmers) cuz he wants them back at the bar. 

I stepped outside for a little while and was surprised when someone mentioned to me that I rode up from San Diego… That kinda freaked me out a little. (Turns out the door guy mentioned that a “chick” rode up on the bike from San Diego… is that some sort of novel idea… a chick on a Harley? Or was it cuz I wasn’t on a Sportster? hmmm…)  Anyway, we started talking and Tom turned out to be pretty cool. He rides bikes and has a horse ranch where he rides horses as well.

Well, since I knew I had to get going early in the morning…I grabbed my copy of Fishlips’ menu and headed back to my hotel. Off to dreamland I went…visions of Half Dome dancing in my head.

PS:   To my friend… Thanks for the Fishlips tip and sorry for the drunk email.   🙂

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