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Sunrise Highway & Lake Cuyamaca, CA October 18, 2009

Yesterday, I had a great time at Viejas.

Today, I decided to take the longer more scenic way home. We had rented a room in El Cajon. My friend had to leave to go to work, so, I was on my own today.

I got on my bike and rode out to Pine Valley. From there I headed up over the Sunrise Highway to Mt. Laguna. It was a beautiful clear day and just a little chilly. I had my iPod going… listening to whatever came up in the shuffle and just took my time riding up the road.

The elevation was high enough that there were signs on the side of the road with various warnings about snow. Houses were sprinkled along the road and there seemed to be quite a few campgrounds. The little town of Mt. Laguna looked quaint but as I didn’t stop, I don’t have much to report.

The trees were changing color… yellows and reds and oranges. I noticed a turnout with a viewing deck coming up. I pulled into the lot, parked the bike and grabbed my camera. Nice view!! There was a couple on their bikes that I passed whole walking to the viewpoint. They had leathers on… pretty easy to spot and she rode a very red Street Glide. We exchanged the various necessities…. Where are you from? What year is your bike? Are you alone? They left and I had the viewpoint to myself. I took some photos and rode onto Lake Cuyamaca. 

I parked the bike in the Lake Cuyamaca parking lot behind the restaurant and went walking on the dock… sat there for awhile and watched the boats. The lake was very peaceful. There was a family nearby fishing… they caught a fish and the little boy lost his mind he was so excited.

After an hour of hanging out and relaxing, I headed home.