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Goin Home… June 28, 2009

Bummer. Time to go home. 😦

I woke up around 7am… Maybe earlier? Picked my clothes out and then packed my tent up. Got dressed and grabbed a coffee. I started repacking everything into my bike. Some of us headed off to town for breakfast.

The rest of the campers found us at the restaurant just as we were finishing our breakfast. So, at about 9:30 we left.

178 to 14 to 395 to 15… Given the fact that we had some older bikes with us we rode slower and we had a few breakdowns.

NOTE: At this time the bathrooms in the Johannesburg Texaco were out of service. The port a potties were ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. If you can… hold it to the next stop. Hell, goin on the side of the road would be cleaner and less revolting.

We got down the 395… with a few mechanical issues… and pulled into the Pilot at the 395/15 junction… had a quick break and off we went again. I am not a fan of the 215, however, everyone else wanted to go that way. Shortly after the grade, we got on the 215 and one or two of the bikes broke down. Unfortunately, after an hour in the heat below an underpass on the 215… one of the bikes had to be put in the back of the pick up.

It took us a total of about ten hours to get home. I kinda had to giggle… Four hours by myself … Ten with a group…. But that is what happens with that many people and that many different types of bikes.

But… I would do it again anytime!!

BTW… Last year I turned 500 miles… This year I turned 10,000 miles!!

There's a bike in there!

There's a bike in there!

Chargin it up!

Chargin it up!

Note the duct tape!

Note the duct tape!


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