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Bakersfield & Fishlips May 22, 2009

For my 1st stop, I decided on Bakersfield. Four hours riding and part of it during holiday rush hour LA traffic would be about all I could handle and I couldn’t take all day off from work.

I admit ~ I know nothing about Bakersfield except for country music, Buck Owens and The Crystal Palace. Which are all good things!

I have a friend who is in the business of delivering some of the finest old school real country music. Figuring, he’s had to have played in Bakersfield, I emailed him asking for some tips. He suggested a bar called Fishlips. Fishlips… really? I thought for sure he’d send me to the Crystal Palace… Nope… Fishlips.    Ok then… I googled Fishlips to see who’s playin Friday nite and get their address.

The Beat Farmer Sandwich

The Beat Farmer Sandwich

I also checked out the menu, I knew I’d arrive late I thought I’d eat there too. Whoa!! What’s this? A sandwich named after my favorite band EVER…The Beat Farmers! Fried egg, bacon, cheese on a hoagie.  Breakfast at nite wasn’t in my plan BUT I knew I goin to Fishlips was. And go I did!

The band was pretty good. They were called Backup Johnny. They played original songs and covered some old 80s tunes. The clientele that nite leaned to the much younger than me with tattoos. (Not the shitkickers I expected from Bakersfield in a bar suggested by a country singer!!)

I cozied up to my friend Captain Morgan, enjoyed my dinner and did some people watching. The staff were super nice and attentive… the sound guy gave me his card to pass onto The Beat Farmers (now The Farmers) cuz he wants them back at the bar. 

I stepped outside for a little while and was surprised when someone mentioned to me that I rode up from San Diego… That kinda freaked me out a little. (Turns out the door guy mentioned that a “chick” rode up on the bike from San Diego… is that some sort of novel idea… a chick on a Harley? Or was it cuz I wasn’t on a Sportster? hmmm…)  Anyway, we started talking and Tom turned out to be pretty cool. He rides bikes and has a horse ranch where he rides horses as well.

Well, since I knew I had to get going early in the morning…I grabbed my copy of Fishlips’ menu and headed back to my hotel. Off to dreamland I went…visions of Half Dome dancing in my head.

PS:   To my friend… Thanks for the Fishlips tip and sorry for the drunk email.   🙂

Some links:


The Farmers:

Backup Johnny:


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