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Bakersfield addendum… May 22, 2009

I got a little lost looking for my hotel… but in doing so I came across this sign…

… and well … here’s the photo…

I think the sign says it all!

I think the sign says it all!


3 Responses to “Bakersfield addendum…”

  1. Sir Lube is actually a great place to get the oil done. I have been taking my cars there for years.

    I remember when they first started the silly “If you love it, lube it” commercials. But I have to give them credit. In spite of the fun made at the slogan, they never changed it.

    You have to admit, it sticks with you.

    • Roaming is in my blood Says:

      You are right! It does stick with you…. much like the Texaco Oil Change joint in Ventura, CA… they have a sing in the fron of their building that says “Drive Thru Lubrication” !!! Not sure they did that on purpose or not but we couldn’t stop laughing.

      I have a “thing” for photographing crazy signs… they are always great conversation starters!!

      Ove the next few days I will be adding a few more bike trips and photos… hope you check back!

  2. Mrs. C Says:

    I couldn’t agree more!!!

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